Perceived Responsibilities of Special Recreation Services· in Minnesota


  • Stuart J. Schleien
  • Judy K. Werder


Community Education, Handicapped, Integration, Needs Assessment, Parks and Recreation, Schools, Survey, Therapeutic Recreation


Editor's Note: It is the policy of Therapeutic Recreation Journal to refrain from publishing limited studies of the status of special recreation services on a state by state basis. However, the caliber of the current study and the potential application of its findings to other states led to an exception being made in the current case. Recent federal legislation has established the right of individuals with disabilities to live, learnt and by implication, recreate in least restrictive environments. These initiatives have facilitated the moveo! large numbers of handicapped persons into community living situations,consequently shifting the responsibility of recreation programming to community agencies. To detennine the quantity and quality of recreation programs and services throughout the state of Minnesota, the authors surveyed park and recreation departments, community education agencies, and schools via a needs assessment inventory. A 73% return enabled the authors to identify perceived responsibilities and the degree of coordination among agencies, and the extent and nature of special recreation services currently offered, including the integration of handicapped and nonhandicapped participants.



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