A Facility-wide Approach to Recreation Programming for Adults Who Are Severely and Profoundly Retarded


  • Mary R. Burch
  • Maxin Reiss
  • Jon S. Bailey


Retardation, Programs, Staff Involvement, Participation, Geriatrics


A facility-wide recreation program was designed and implemented in order to increase staff and client participation in daily leisure activities at an intermediate care facility for severely and profoundly mentally retarded adults. The baseline phase of the study consisted of having recreational materials available during scheduled recreation periods. The treatment was a package program consisting of (1) providing the staff with preplanned materials and activities, (2) assigning staff to specific roles, and (3) monitoring staff and providing feedback by supervisors. The treatment was implemented on the two living units of the Liberty Intermediate Care Facility. Treatment effects were similar on both units. Client participation increased from a baseline average of less than 10% to nearly 50% and staff participation increased from less than 10% to an average of 60% during program implementation.



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