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Adaptation of an Adolescent Coping Assessment for Therapeutic Recreation and Outdoor Adventure Settings

Melissa S. Russell, Mark A. Widmer, Neil Lundberg, Peter Ward


This study addresses the need for sound assessments to measure adolescent coping in therapeutic recreation, wilderness and adventure therapy settings. Although consideration was given to developing a new measure, a well-developed general coping measure exists, and the authors indicated a need to adapt it to specific settings. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to adapt the Response to Stress Questionnaire (RSQ) for use in adventure-based therapeutic settings. Appropriate content was identified and items were adapted to create RSQ Outdoor Adventure Version (RSQ-OAV). These items were then evaluated for representativeness and relevance to provide content validity. An expert panel conducted a blind review by mapping the items based on content areas. The instrument was then administered to subjects to gather evidence supporting the reliability and validity of inferences. The RSQ-OAV provides a foundation for future research and understanding related to outdoor adventure coping skills in therapeutic recreation settings.


coping; stress; assessment; therapeutic recreation; wilderness therapy; adventure therapy

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