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The Effects of a Structured Camp Experience on Locus of Control and Self Concept of Special Populations

Greg Shasby, Charles Heuchert, Bruce Gansneder


Children with chronic health problems and sensory andlor perceptual impairments attended a summer camp geared to their special needs. The camp emphasized independence and maximal participation for all campers irrespective of their disability. Locus of control and self-concept were measured at the beginning and end of the camp experience. No significant differences in patterns occurred across age groups (7-9; 10-12; 13-15) but overall self..concept and locus of control scores did show significant positive changes. The data were also analyzed by dividing the campus in two groups; those with chronic health impairments, and those with sensory andlor perceptual disorders. Those with chronic health impairments improved significantly in locus of control and self"concept over the camp period while the sensory andlor perceptually impaired showed no change.


special populations; locus of control; self-concept; camping; therapeutic recreation

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