The Effect of Refreshments on Attendance at Recreation Activities for Nursing Home Residents


  • Kim Gillespie
  • Robert W. McLellan
  • Francis M. McGuire


incentives, nursing home residents, recreation activities, attendance, refreshments, normalization


Activity directors must recognize variables which increase patient involvement by nursing home residents.. Refreshments are one variable which can be used to increase the attendance of the aged at recreation activities. This study was conducted to determine if refreshments had an effect on attendance at recreation activities for residents requiring various care levels and in different activities in a nursing home. The mean attendance at activities when refreshments were provided was compared to the mean attendance at activities when refreshments were not provided for three resident care levels. A paired-comparison t-test indicated refreshments were effective in increasing attendance  at· activities for residents at all competence levels. These results will be helpful to activity directors who may desire to increase attendance.



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