Effects of Leisure Counseling on Adult Psychiatric Outpatients


  • Robert A. Wolfe


Leisure counseling, leisure attitude, self-esteem, psychiatric


This study evaluates the impact of a leisure counseling program on the leisure attitude and self-esteem of adult psychiatric outpatients.. Sixteen  outpatients at a private psychiatric hospital were assigned to one of two groups. Both groups received traditional outpatient services and programs. The experimental group also received a leisure counseling program that was offered for 10 consecutive weeks. iComparing the adult psychiatric outpatientst group scores to nonnative data revealed that their leisure attitude and self-esteem were unusual.. Over the course of the intef'lention program" the experimental group relative to the control group experienced no significant change in their leisure attitude and self-esteem.. The intervention program did emerge as differentially affecting members of the experimental group depending on their age. A discussion clarifies how leisure counseling and evaluation procedures could be made more appropriate. for a psychiatric outpatient population.



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