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Leisure Patterns and Their Associations with Arthritis-Related Self-Management and Health

Megan C. Janke, Julie Stafford Son, Jesse J. Jones, Laura L. Payne, Susan Keel Anderson


Arthritis is a common chronic disease that affects the physical and mental functioning of adults. Self-management practices promote health and well-being, and leisure activities may be one cost-effective means of doing so. Data from 88 adults were used to examine whether adults' leisure patterns (leisure repertoire and leisure style) were related to factors associated with self-management practices (e.g, arthritis selfefficacy, selective optimization with compensation [SOC]) and arthritis-related health. Findings suggested that a cognitive leisure style and size of leisure repertoire significantly predicted leisure-based SOC. Implications of this study for recreational therapy (RT) practice are discussed, including the role of leisure education in the promotion of self-management.


aging; selective optimization with compensation; self-regulation; arthritis self-efficacy

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