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Understanding the Relationships Between Leisure Satisfaction, Self-Esteem, Family Satisfaction, and Life Satisfaction Among Korean Individuals With Intellectual Disability

Junhyoung Kim, Eugene Y. Roh, Gunhee Kim, Lori Irwin


There is a lack of research and understandings regarding how factors are associated with life satisfaction among Korean individuals with intellectual disability (ID). The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between leisure satisfaction, self-esteem, and family relationship among Korean individuals with ID. Using the 2012 Panel Survey of Employment for the Disabled in Korea (PSED, 2012), the total of 189 participants of PSED was extracted from PSED. The results showed that leisure satisfaction and self-esteem served as the predictors of life satisfaction among Korean individuals with ID. In particular, this study suggests that increasing a level of leisure satisfaction can be the crucial element in enhancing a sense of life satisfaction among individuals with ID.


leisure satisfaction; intellectual disability

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