Developing a Physical Activity and Nutrition After-School Program With Youth at Risk


  • Dawn DeVries Grand Valley State University



After-school program, interprofessional education, physical activity, therapeutic recreation, youth at risk


The Kick and Cook-a-Palooza program was an interprofessional partnership between the Grand Valley State University Public Health Department and the therapeutic recreation (TR) program to provide a physical activity and nutrition program at three after-school sites in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Working with children classified as youth at risk, the purpose of the program was to teach children healthy habits related to nutrition and physical activity that they can continue and share with their families. In addition, interprofessional education occurred among university students as they experienced interprofessional collaboration between two health professions and a community agency. This paper presents a practice perspective on developing, implementing, and evaluating the results of the physical activity component of a program with youth at risk in an interprofessional collaborative environment. The program was funded by grants from the General Mills Foundation and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation and the Recreational Therapy Foundation.

Author Biography

Dawn DeVries, Grand Valley State University

Assistant Professor, Therapeutic Recreation program





Practice Perspective