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Leisure and Work: Interdependent Facets of Human Flourishing

Jim B. Wise


Human flourishing is a principal goal of therapeutic recreation (TR) services so therapeutic recreation specialists (TRSs) must be well versed in all aspects of flourishing. Two critical aspects are leisure and work. Leisure’s contributions to flourishing have been studied and reported but the same cannot be said for work. Therefore, this article explores two conceptualizations of work. One conceptualization is based on Marx’s philosophical anthropology and one is based on MacIntyre’s notion of practices. In addition, the relationships of these views to leisure and human flourishing are highlighted. The article concludes by discussing potential consequences emanating from accepting the premise that work and leisure are interdependent facets of human flourishing. Possible consequences for TR include incorporating different work perspectives into the preparation, credentialing and continuing education of professionals; addressing work related issues with TR services; and broadening professionals’ purview to encompass work aspirations of service recipients.

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flourishing; labor; leisure; Marx; therapeutic recreation; work

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