Sport and Physical Activity Participation Among People With Disabilities Reported at a Sports Exhibition and Six Months Later: A Cohort Study


  • Louise Michelle Nettleton University of Sydney
  • Leanne Hassett
  • Franziska Scheibe
  • Robert Price
  • Catherine Kirkham
  • Catherine Sherrington



sport, physical activity, disability, barriers


A cohort study of sport and physical activity participation levels of adults attending a disability sport exhibition and six months later, and barriers to sport participation. Outcome measures included current sport participation, the Physical Activity Scale for Individuals with a Physical Disability (PASIPD) in MET hours/ day and the modified Barriers to Physical Activity and Disability Survey (B_PADS). Out of a total of 39 participants, at the time of the exhibition, 25 (64%) participants played sport, but were physically inactive overall. At the six-month follow-up (n  = 32), 21 (66%) participants played sport and physical activity levels were low. The most common barrier reported at the exhibition was cost (54%), and at follow-up was a lack of appropriate sporting competitions (50%). Whilst more than half of participants were engaged in sport, frequency and overall physical activity levels were low and participants indicated a desire for greater sport involvement. Increasing opportunities and addressing barriers to sport participation for people with disability is warranted.

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Author Biography

Louise Michelle Nettleton, University of Sydney

Honours Student (2015)

Faculty of Health Sciences





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