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Visual Activity Schedules: Teaching Independent Transitioning During Recreation and Leisure

Abigail D. Whatley, David L. Gast


This systematic replication and extension of Spriggs, Gast, and Ayres (2007) evaluated the use of visual activity schedule books on on-task and transitioning behaviors during recreation and leisure. Four middle school participants functioning within the moderate range of intellectual disabilities participated. Using a constant time delay procedure, participants were taught to use their visual activity schedule books and a withdrawal (A-B-BC-B-A-B) design was used to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention. Incidental vocabulary words and pictures were presented via instructional feedback and evaluated using pre- and post-test. All participants increased on-task behaviors and independent transitioning when using visual activity schedule books. Participants also acquired incidental words and pictures. Implications of results are discussed.


Visual Activity Schedules, Independent Transition, Recreation, Choice, Intellectual Disability, On-task behavior, Leisure Education

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