A Conceptualization of Recreation that Contributes to Human Flourishing


  • Jim B. Wise Minnesota State University, Mankato




Human flourishing, internal goods, practice, therapeutic recreation, virtues


Recreation and leisure, foundational elements of therapeutic recreation (TR), are nonmaterial, socially constructed entities. While it is difficult, and maybe impossible, to conclusively describe such entities, the task must be tackled because both constructs contribute to human flourishing, a central goal of TR. Concomitantly, a greater in-depth understanding of recreation and leisure, the relationship between the two constructs, and how both connect to flourishing would enhance the effectiveness of therapeutic recreation specialists (TRSs). Since relatively much more philosophical-based inquiry has been devoted to investigating leisure and its relationship to flourishing this article develops and presents a conceptualization of recreation based on a theory authored by Alasdair MacIntyre (1999, 2007). The presented conceptualization of recreation is linked to human flourishing and a correlated view of leisure. The article concludes by discussing four actions TRSs should take to guarantee recreation and leisure function as significant facets of living well.Subscribe to TRJ

Author Biography

Jim B. Wise, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Jim Wise is a professor within the Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services department at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He teaches therapeutic recreation courses and advises therapeutic recreation students.





Theoretical and Philisophical Perspectives