Lean On Me: Building Volunteer Capacity to Support Frail Seniors’ Participation in Community Seniors’ Centre Programs: A Pilot Project Evaluation Report


  • Ryan DeForge
  • Bev Regan
  • Iris Gutmanis


Volunteer, Capacity building, Seniors, Frailty, Evaluation, Therapeutic Recreation.


This paper describes an initiative aimed at building the capacity of community volunteers to understand and meet the needs of an increasingly aged population with complex needs. It begins by providing an overview of the benefits of volunteering (for volunteers themselves, for recipients, and for society at large) and of the taxing effect frailty has on our healthcare system. This provides a backdrop against which we describe the conceptualization, design, and pilot evaluation of “Lean on Me,” a four-part training program developed to enhance the way in which senior volunteers can support frail seniors’ participation in community programs.





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