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Social-Emotional Benefits of Drumtastic Ability Beats® Dyadic Partnership between a College Veteran with PTSD and an Elementary Student in a Special Education Setting

Lyn Litchke, Casey Finley


This case report investigated Drumtastic Ability Beats® in an elementary Special Education program highlighting the relationship between a college veteran with PTSD partnered with a student with intellectual developmental disorder and ADHD. The results pre-post for the veteran showed Perceived Stress Scale improved 22.7%; Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale- Anxiety decreased 37.5%, and Depression increased by 37.5%. Less than 1% positive change on both the Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale and Connor Davidson Resiliency Scale. The student Social Personal Relationship Scale increased 54% in relating to others and 51% in self-responsible social behavior. Smiley-o-Meter demonstrated improved mood from a 3 nervous/unsocial to 8 excited/delighted. This study demonstrates the value of TR interventions in a special education program in a school setting with regard to social-emotional behaviors.

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ADHD; drumming; intellectual disorder; posttraumatic stress disorder; social-emotional; special education

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