Leisure and Recreation Involvement in the Context of Healing from Trauma


  • Susan M. Arai
  • Janet Griffin
  • Ashleigh Miatello
  • Carrie L. Greig


abuse, healing, involvement, leisure, recovery, trauma


Trauma (e.g., abuse, war trauma) has a lasting impact on individuals and exerts negative effects on thinking, feeling, and behavior. This study used Leisure Connections, a leisure-based psycho-educational group, as a context to examine people’s perceptions of leisure and recreation involvement and how these perceptions change during the process of healing from trauma. Reported are the results of the Assessment of Leisure and Recreation Involvement (LRI; Ragheb, 2002) and qualitative findings from interviews with people who participated in Leisure Connections (n = 13; 9 women and 4 men). Thematic analysis of the interview data revealed: (a) the disconnection between the LRI and people’s felt experience of leisure, (b) alterations in people’s intellectual understanding of leisure, (c) affective shifts in leisure experiences, and (d) behavioral themes revealing a readiness and resistance to change. Discussion of LRI scores in relation to these themes furthers understanding of the role of leisure in the processes of coping, healing, and transcending the effects of trauma.





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