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Effects of Aquatic Therapy on Perceived Fun or Enjoyment Experiences of Participants with Multiple Sclerosis

Ellen Broach, John Dattilo, Alexis McKenney


This study examined effects of an Aquatic Therapy (AT) exercise program on enjoyment or fun related experiences of four participants with multiple sclerosis. A single subject, multiple-probe design across participants was used for data collection. Experiences were examined through development and administration of a questionnaire that addressed items of participation including challenge-skill ratio, anxiety, boredom, focused attention, desire to continue, desire to do something else, and sociability. Mixed results prevent conclusions regarding the effect of AT on enjoyment of fun related experiences. However, these results do have implications with regard to perceived activity experience since AT was identified by all participants as an enjoyable intervention.


Aquatic Therapy, Aquatic Exercise, Multiple Sclerosis, Therapeutic Recreation, Enjoyment, Fun, Flow, Positive Emotion

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