Together We Play: An Ecological Approach to Inclusive Recreation


  • Kathleen G. Scholl
  • Rodney B. Dieser
  • Amy Davison


Community Development, Ecological Approach, Inclusive Recreation, Collaboration, Children and Youth with Disabilities


Given the mandates for inclusion, coupled with the tightening of budgets and funding, community agencies may benefit from collaboration to provide the complex continuum of recreation services necessary to enable individuals with diverse needs to participate in community recreation. The inclusion service delivery model illustrates an ecological approach to therapeutic recreation services linking social service agencies, general recreation service providers, and parents who have children with disabilities with existing community programs. It also demonstrates the role of the certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS) implementing inclusive recreation services. This model was successfully implemented in a Midwest community of more than 135,000 people enabling 118 children of all abilities to have access to an array of recreation and after-school programs.





Practice Perspective