Perceived Constraints to Leisure Time Physical Activity Participation of Students with Hearing Impairment


  • Eva Hiu-lun Tsai
  • Lena Fung
  • Lena Fung


Barriers, Constraints, Deaf, Hearing Impairment, Hong Kong, Leisure Time Physical Activities, Sport


In this study, perceived constraints to participation in leisure time physical activities (LTPA) of students with hearing impairment in Hong Kong were identified. The impacts of gender, age, and cause of disability (acquired or congenital) on these perceptions also were examined. A total of 149 students with severe or profound hearing impairment completed questionnaires. Findings from the study indicated that an "uneasy feeling" about the attitude of people in the mainstream society towards people with disabilities was the most important constraint of the LTPA participation, and lack of accessible information also was an important constraint. Other constraints such as physical discomfort, lack physical coordination, lack of drive, interpersonal constraints, and facility constraints were perceived to be not so important by the students. Younger, rather than older teenage students tended to have more difficulties in accessing sporting facilities. Gender interacted with cause of disability to influence the perceived importance of physical discomfort as a constraining factor of LTPA participation.





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