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Community for All: The Therapeutic Recreation Practitioner's Role in Inclusive Volunteering

Kimberly D. Miller, Stuart J. Schleien, Paula Brooke, Antoinette M. Frisoli, Wade T. Brooks III


Participation in volunteerism has great potential in helping individuals reach their desired goals such as improved self-esteem, sense of purpose, social connectedness, happiness, quality of life, and community inclusion- A rationale for the facilitation of inclusive volunteering is discussed, including the current status of volunteering, the multitude of benefits that can be reaped from volunteerism, and a synopsis of the literature on individuals with disabilities as volunteers. Additionally, we review the vital role that therapeutic recreation practitioners could play in assisting individuals with disabilities to incorporate volunteering into their leisure repertoires.


Community, Disability, Inclusion, Therapeutic Recreation Practitioner, Volunteerism

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