Supporting the Transition of One Man with Autism from Work to Retirement


  • Jan S. Hodges
  • Karen Luken
  • Allison Hubbard


Autism, Supported Retirement, Inclusion, Ecological, Therapeutic Recreation


Until recently few people with developmental disabilities lived into older adulthood and those who did typically continued to work until their health no longer permitted it. The three-year process of supporting a man with autism in the transition from working in a sheltered workshop to experiencing fulltime retirement is described. A recreation therapist contracted by a county developmental disabilities agency facilitated the process through the provision of retirement supports. Supports and services included leisure education and community-based skills training to facilitate the acquisition of retirement related skills and strategies for pursuing retirement desires, and to increasing community capacity by building natural supports in community based leisure services for older adults. The process was effective in facilitating the transition to retirement and promoting more inclusive community environments.





Practice Perspective