Mathematics in Juvenile Corrections: Curricular and Assessment Policies and Practices


  • Paula Maccini
  • Joseph Calvin Gagnon
  • Loretta Mason-Williams


The current study is a national survey of special education mathematics teachers in juvenile correctional schools (JC). Results are based on 121 (32%) returned surveys from special education mathematics teacher. Results indicated that in 47% of schools, curriculum was not based on district or state curricula. Between 40-50% of teachers reported somewhat, very little, or not at all concerning supervision to ensure their school curriculum aligns with state assessments, alignment of instructional materials and textbooks with state assessments, and extent to which they are provided professional development to ensure use of curriculum aligned with state assessments. While 69% of teachers reported that their students should participate in state assessments, only 37% of students reportedly participated in state assessments. Implications and future research are also noted.