Conceptual Model-Based Problem Solving That Facilitates Algebra Readiness: An Exploratory Study with Computer-Assisted Instruction


  • Yan Ping Xin
  • Lou Si
  • Casey Hord
  • Dake Zhang
  • Suleyman Cetinas
  • Joo Young Park


The study explored the effects of a computer-assisted COnceptual Model-based Problem-Solving (COMPS) program on multiplicative word-problem-solving performance of students with learning disabilities or difficulties. The COMPS program emphasizes mathematical modeling with algebraic expressions of relations. Participants were eight fourth and fifth graders with learning disabilities or problems (LP). An adapted multiple-probe-across-participants design was employed to examine the functional relationship between the intervention (the COMPS program) and students' performance on solving multiplication and division word problems and algebraic model expression. The results indicate that the computer-assisted COMPS program seemed to benefit students with LP; it enhanced their problem-solving skills and promoted algebrareadiness. Discussion also includes ideas to enhance the COMPS program.