Assessment and Documentation Considerations for Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilities


  • Jennifer H. Lindstrom
  • Will Lindstrom


In order to gain access to accommodations and services at colleges and universities, students with learning disabilities must provide documentation of their disablities, and as students with learning disabilities access higher education at increasing rates, the need for documentation of their disabilities and its impact becomes even more important. Secondary schools, however, are not required by law to provide the documentation often requisite at the postsecondary level. Due to inconsistencies between the requirements of postsecondary institutions and information provided by high schools, students with learning disabilities may find themselves caught between regulations of one agency versus the requirements of another. In this  article, issues related to the disconnect between the assessment information that secondary schools provide and what colleges and universities need will be explored, with special attention given to ramifications related to documentation quality and comprehensiveness. Recommendations are then presented for secondary and postsecondary personnel related to these issues.