Only When it is Raining: Technology in Physical Education


  • David N. Daum San Jose State University
  • Lara Ervin-Kassab San Jose State University



TPACK, Pre-service Teachers, Technology


The preparation of teachers’ technological competencies for teaching and learning has become important and evident, now more than any moment in history because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical educators are generally technologically literate; however, they tend to have skeptical attitudes toward integrating technology and require additional training. This mixed-methods study explored teacher educator and preservice expectations for and implementation of technology in physical education. The Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework was used as a lens in this study to conceptualize teacher thinking and practice related to technology. Results indicate that teacher educators and preservice teachers value technology, generally feel unprepared, acknowledge that physical educators have contextual barriers, and believe technology can be a valuable partner in achieving learning outcomes. Teacher educators and professional development programs need to train future and current teachers adequately on integrating technology in meaningful ways.

Author Biographies

David N. Daum, San Jose State University

Department of Kinesiology

Lara Ervin-Kassab, San Jose State University

Teacher Education Department