A Physical Educators Use of Freirian Praxis for Critical Reflection


  • Stephanie Canada-Phillips University of Central Oklahoma


Reflection is a vital component of quality teaching. It is supported and practiced in teacher preparation programs and furthered by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, whereas critical reflection with particular emphasis on the internal schema of the practitioner has not been focused on much and training within teacher preparation programs and/or in the professional setting has been negligible. Three vignettes are shared to highlight pinnacle moments of internal dissonance that evoked the need for critical reflection. Particular attention was paid to the internal struggle of the teacher and decisions made or not made to highlight the search for equilibrium and wholeness of teacher and self. The purpose of this article was to support the intentional act of critical reflection through praxis as a lifelong journey to enrich the lives of educators and further transform their worlds in which they exist and intersect.