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Dyslexia Around the World: A Snapshot

Nancy Mather, Jennifer White, Martha Youman


Today 195 countries exist in the world. The purpose of this review was to provide a global picture of the services and opportunities for individuals with dyslexia. The intent was not to provide an exhaustive review of each topic, but rather to provide examples of what is occurring in different countries around the world. Through an Internet search, available information was gathered for each country. Examples are provided to illustrate the wide range of available services, media sources, assessment practices, interventions, and attitudes regarding dyslexia around the world. Findings indicate that practices regarding dyslexia are influenced by a number of factors, including culture, the orthography of a language, policies, dyslexia awareness, teacher training, and the availability of assessments and interventions. Although many countries have taken proactive steps to improve the education and overall lives of individuals with dyslexia, in some countries, dyslexia is still not acknowledged or well understood and individuals with this reading disability are stigmatized. 

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Dyslexia; assessment; intervention; teacher knowledge

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