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Let's Play Together: Sports Equipment for Children With and Without Visual Impairments

Lauren J. Lieberman, Pamela Haibach, Matthias Wagner


Children with visual impairments are being included in classrooms with their sighted peers now more than ever. General physical education teachers who teach the classes with children with visual impairments are not always prepared to meet the challenge of including them. Using modified equipment for all students would support integration. However, teachers and parents are often afraid that using modified equipment could interfere with their children’s gross motor skill performance. This study investigates whether there are differences in gross motor skill performance of sighted children by comparing performances using modified verses non-modified equipment. The present study included 28 sighted children aged 6 to 12 years who went through the protocol of the Test of Gross Motor Development II once with the typical equipment and once with modified equipment for children with visual impairments. Results revealed no significant differences when comparing both conditions. The summary includes the implications of using the modified equipment with everyone and how that might support inclusion for the children with visual impairments. 


visual impairment; blind; school-aged children; modified equipment; gross motor assessment; inclusion; physical education

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