Physical Education Students’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Their Distance Education Courses


  • Renee E. Frimming University of Southern Indiana
  • Thomas D. Bordelon Univeristy of Southern Indiana



Online Learning, Pedagogy, Student Perceptions


Background: Because of the increasing demand from students to have available to them distance education courses, it is vital to offer students health and physical education distance education courses that meet the their need for a challenging and rewarding educational experience. In this pilot study, we explored the learning experiences of students enrolled in distance coursework in health and physical education methods. We interviewed 14 students participating in the Distance Education Focus Group, who answered 10 semistructured questions pertaining to their satisfaction and achievements in distance education courses. Using qualitative analysis, we identified factors contributing to these students’ satisfaction and academic achievement in distance education. Results: This study provides students and instructors with a better understanding of what is effective distance education instruction from the students’ perspective. Conclusion: This study may result in improved retention of students, increased academic performance, and satisfaction with coursework, from understanding students’ perceptions of the methods used for distance education. Knowing what students believe to be important for their learning experience helps health and physical education instructors better prepare for teaching through distance education.

Author Biographies

Renee E. Frimming, University of Southern Indiana

Assistant Professor, Kinsiology and Sport Department

Thomas D. Bordelon, Univeristy of Southern Indiana

Professor, Social Work Department and Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts