Yoga for College Students: An Empowering Form of Movement and Connection


  • Vanessa Villate Lamar University


physical education, curriculum, higher education


Yoga is a historic method for exercising, as well as cultivating a mind–body connection. For busy college students, it may be an effective way to slow down. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of participating in a semiweekly yoga class at a university on college students' lives. Evidence of impact was measured through students' written responses to reflective questions about the semester-long yoga class, which was designed based on the traditional characteristics of yoga. Students enrolled in the class reported increased levels of relaxation, greater perspective of their lives, more focus, and feelings of empowerment. Given these important outcomes, the author advocates that more yoga classes at colleges and universities should be taught in the traditional way (i.e., with a foundation in yoga philosophy) to enable more students to discover these life-enriching benefits.