Physical Education Teachers’ Use of Mosston and Ashworth’s Teaching Styles: A Literature Review


  • Constantine C. Chatoupis Department of Physical Education and Sport Science University of Athens Greece



Spectrum, reproduction styles, production styles, physical education


This systematic review explored the use of Mosston and Ashworth's teaching styles from an international perspective. I searched all relevant peer-reviewed journals listed in ERIC, SPORTDiscus, and ISI Web of Science. This search yielded 15 potentially relevant studies published from 2000 to December 2016. Thirteen of these studies met the inclusion criteria established for this review and involved 3,465 participants from 15 countries. The results indicated that the reproduction teaching styles were used more often than the production teaching styles. The use of the command, practice, and inclusion styles dominated in the classrooms across 15 countries. Of the six production teaching styles, only the guided discovery and the convergent discovery styles were sometimes used, while the remaining four were seldom used. The results are discussed in light of Spectrum theory and with respect to the physical education teacher preparation programs of those countries.

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