Accessible Golf Courses: Web-based Accommodation Communication


  • Elizabeth A. Wanless Ball State University
  • Jeffrey C. Petersen Baylor University
  • Lindsay K. Pursglove Ball State University
  • Logan Desmond Ball State University
  • Lawrence W. Judge Ball State University



Americans with Disabilities Act, golf, undue burden


Websites are a critical tool for sport participants to seek logistical information prior to arriving at a facility. Given the challenge in accommodating mobility disabilities, research exploring how outdoor sport facilities, such as golf courses, precommunicate accommodation information via hosted websites is warranted. This study assessed website accommodation communication by nonprivate golf courses. To create a context and comparison, the researchers also collected data for commercial sport facilities. Of 268 nonprivate Indiana golf courses hosting websites, only two (< 1%) included Web-based accessibility announcements. Of 10 Indiana commercial sport facilities hosting websites, six included Web-based accessibility announcements (60%). Perceptions of undue burden and targeting the active-aging community inform the discussion of research results.

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Author Biographies

Elizabeth A. Wanless, Ball State University

Assistant Professor

Jeffrey C. Petersen, Baylor University

Associate Professor

Lindsay K. Pursglove, Ball State University

Assistant Professor

Logan Desmond, Ball State University

Graduate Assistant