Effect of an Educational Intervention on Youth Swim Coaches’ Behaviors





coach training intervention, coach behaviors, perceptions, case study


This research project examined the effects of an external educational training intervention delivered to coaches, parents, and athletes on youth swim coaches’ behaviors. Coaches’ perceptions of their own behavior, athletes’ perceptions of coaches’ behavior, and the sport environment were explored. Youth swim coaches within one organization were asked to complete an online survey prior to their involvement in a coach training workshop and another at the end of their sport season. Coaches also participated at the end of their season in a 45-min discussion about their overall experience with the training. Youth athletes completed at the end of the season a one-on-one discussion regarding their experience with their coach. Results of this study indicate the coaches’ overall awareness of their behaviors increased after they completed the training. Coaches and athletes reported positive behavior consistent with the concepts emphasized in the educational training intervention. These results may further previous research on coach training interventions examining perceptions of the coaches and youth athletes on the effect of a coach training intervention on youth sport.Subscribe to TPE

Author Biographies

Lindsey Blom, Ball State University

Associate Professor

Lawrence W. Judge, Ball State University

Professor of Kinesiology