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Influence of Visual and Auditory Stimuli on Exercise Intensity Among School-Age Children

Patricia Sandoval, Amanda Staiano, Holly Kihm


This pilot study tested the efficacy of auditory and visual stimuli to increase children’s exercise intensity while exercising in a classroom. Nineteen children aged 6 to 12 years participated in four exercise conditions (treadmill with and without music; cycling with and without video) with heart rate monitored continuously. This study used t tests to compare % HR above rest between conditions. Children met levels of vigorous intensity in all conditions. There was a small but nonsignificant effect in % HR for treadmill (94 ± 18 with music vs. 87 ± 18 without music, Cohen’s d = 0.39) and cycling (49 ± 25 with video vs. 59 ± 30 without video, Cohen’s d = 0.37). Children reached vigorous-intensity levels regardless of auditory or visual stimulus. Future research should test positive and negative effects of auditory and visual stimuli on children’s exercise intensity within a school setting.

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physical education; exercise; music; videotape recording; child,

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