Disability Sports and Health; Games and Activity Modifications: Erasmus Intensive Program


  • Dilara Özer
  • Ayşegül Aksoy


disability, sport, recreation, physical education, teacher education


Studies from Europe, Asia, and the U.S. suggest that physical education majors are typically exposed to only one introductory-level adapted physical education (APE) course, and this is not enough preparation for future PE teachers who will no doubt work with children with disabilities. The Erasmus Intensive Program (IP) “Disability Sports and Health: Games and Activity Modifications”(DSH-GAM) was created and implemented in Turkey, in part, to address these issues. Erasmus IP short programs are 10 days to six weeks in duration and include students and professors from higher education institutions of at least three different countries. The specific aim of the DSH-GAM was to train undergraduate and masters students to be leaders who will serve individuals with disabilities to develop their independence, confidence, and their fitness through participation in community sports and recreation. The purpose of this paper is to review the DSH-GAM, how the program was developed and funded, how participants were recruited, and finally the summary of the activities used in the program.





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