Active Families at Home: The Development of a Let’s Wiggle With 5-2-1-0 App


  • Alexandra P. Venezia
  • Christopher K. Wirth
  • Debra M. Vinci



Parents play a pivotal role in increasing children’s physical activity levels and reducing time spent in sedentary activities. Positive role modeling of physical activity behaviors influences the amount of screen time use and engagement in at-home physical activity. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness and perceived usability of a physical activity app designed for children aged 3 to 5. Parents/guardians of preschool-age children were interviewed on the desired content of a physical activity app targeted at children. Following a review of the free physical activity app, participants were asked questions about the content, imagery, resources, and overall user friendliness. Parents suggested that the app be frequently updated with new videos and that more colorful icons that better represent the physical activity videos be added. In addition, they desired access to printable resources such as curriculum cards and coloring pages. Participants identified that the app was easy to follow and they would recommend the app to a friend. The majority of recommendations included improving the presentation of the app so that it looks more appealing and needing the app to be more preschool-age friendly. For the app to remain a resource for physical activity and not a source for sedentary activity, recommendations for more interactive games on the app were not included in the final version.Subscribe to TPE