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Exploring the Use of Triad Student Teaching Placements in Physical Education

Todd Robert Pennington, Carol Wilkinson, Keven Prusak, Amber Hanson, Liz Haslem


This study explored the use of triads (a mentor teacher and two student teachers) in physical education. Wenger’s (1998) communities of practice provided the theoretical framework for this study. We used the constant comparative method to code the interviews (n = 33) and field notes of the 11 triads and their university supervisors. Two global themes, benefits and drawbacks, emerged from the data. Benefits consisted of three subthemes: quality feedback, support, and collaboration. Drawbacks consisted of four subthemes: unrealistic experience, laziness in preparation, lack of quality feedback, and personality mismatch. Recommendations include providing in-service training about how to optimize the triad experience, ongoing seminars specifically designed for triads, and a hybrid model of triad placement and traditional solo student teaching. 

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physical education; communities of practice; student teaching

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