Goalball as a Factor of Physical Rehabilitation of Students with Visual Impairments


  • Sergey Kokhan
  • Elena Romanova
  • Luiza Nadeina
  • Tetiana Skaliy
  • Witold Kowalski
  • Tsvetelina Petrova-Gotova
  • Mariya Krasimirova Lazarova


Students with visual impairments, sports training, goalball, rehabilitation, adaptation


Goalball is a team sport for the blind and people with visual impairments. It is known that the level of physical development of young men with visual impairments lags far behind young people with normal vision. The aim of the paper is to study the influence of the training process of playing goalball on the physical development of students with visual impairments and the control results of the participation of such students in sports tournaments. The experiment (group 1) involved 12 students (blind students and students with visual impairments) who expressed a desire to train and learn how to play goalball, and participate in amateur competitions. The control group (2) consisted of 12 deaf students engaged only in adapted physical education. The research methods included the assessment of speed and strength endurance, flexibility and coordination ability between the two groups. The results of speed and strength endurance in the experimental group are significantly higher than in the control group. The flexion force of both hands increased over the entire observation period: on the right hand - up to 6.5 kg, on the left hand - 3, 9 kg. The difference in the results between groups 1 and 2 was: on the right hand - 4.2 kg., on the left hand - 2.8 kg. At the final testing the result of push-ups from the floor was 2,1 times higher in the experimental group than in the control group. Also, the systematic practice of goalball influenced the accuracy of shots on goal and the average range of throwing the ball, an increase of 28.3%. The growth of physical activity at the lessons of goalball and adapted physical education increased by 7.5 hours per week. The results of the training reflected on the teamwork and the quality of playing practice and the indicators of sports performances. The university goalball teams in the period 2019–2020 are the winners and prize-winners of regional and city tournaments.

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